General Contracting Services

Home Contracting Services in London, Ontario

Whether it’s fences, decks and patios, fire pits and custom smokers, or handyman services, call Marlatt Contracting for your home repair and installation needs. Marlatt Contracting serves London, Ontario and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free general contracting quote for your next home project. Get a professional general contractor today.


Proper fencing is an essential part of your home, giving it both added security and curb appeal. A well-installed fence will keep pets and children who like to wander safe, add some much-needed privacy to your front or backyard, and create an at-home retreat for your comfort and relaxation. A team of expert building contractors is behind all Marlatt General Contracting’s fence installation services, and they use products engineered and tested to meet the highest building code standards!


Are you looking to get some more enjoyment out of your backyard? Do you need a beautiful porch on which to sit? Marlatt General Contracting can build a unique, attractive deck for your home. We offer many different materials and services that help us meet every customer’s design needs. If you’re in the middle of a project but can’t seem to get ahead, our team of contractors can help at any stage! 


A patio should improve how well you enjoy your home. As an extension to the back or front yard, it can accent walkways, create welcoming spaces that help you relax, and give more seating when you’re entertaining friends and family. Using materials like paving stones and composite, properly-mixed cement, and expert know-how, we can install a beautiful patio that ties with the look and feel of your home.

Fire pits And Custom Smokers

Marlatt General Contracting can build fire pits and custom smokers that meet your entertaining wants and meat enjoyment needs. With materials like brick and steel and accessories like BBQ grills, fire grates, tabletops, and more, we help homeowners in London prep and cook their cuts of meat to perfection. The personalized build will work with your existing backyard and patio layout, creating the ambiance and utility your outdoor space needs!

Handyman Services

Marlatt General Contracting offers a full range of handyman services. These include minor repairs and renovations, drywall repairs, painting, countertops, floor and wall tiles, caulking, grouting, or any of the projects you have sitting unfinished in your home. No matter how big or small the task is, we always bring a sharp eye for detail and close customer service.

Flood Damage

Not all flood damage requires a massive renovation solution. Don’t panic – give us a call. Marlatt’s contractors will survey the damage, mend the affected areas, and help pick up the pieces – so you can get back to enjoying your home.

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